awesomeness-riza whispered: Do you ALWAYS win in strip poker? XD

Have you ever seen me loooooooose? Of course I always win if I try - but, well, sometimes I’ve gotta let Kaoru win, or he’d cry! -laughs- He’s such a big baby.

Anonymous whispered: Marry Me? Marry me my pretty!!!!!

Time and a place? We can at least rake in the gifts from people before they cancel.

Have you seen most of the plus-size sections out there? It’s horrifying. Whoever’s designing for plus-size doesn’t get it. The entire garment needs to be reconceived. You can’t just take a size 8 and make it larger. In my travels, I’ve been an advocate for larger women. I’ve been talking to designers, but only a half-dozen make an effort. Most say, ‘I don’t want a woman who’s a size 10 or 11 wearing my clothes.’ Well, shame on you! It’s not realistic. We need to address real women with real needs.

Tim Gunn

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werewolfjason whispered: Good morning Hikaru.

Good? What’s good about mornings? Siiigh. Well, how’s it going? Are you having a good week?




tumbl-con is current a work in process. it aims to be the first convention made by tumblr users, for tumblr users. 

tumbl-con will be in the uk and take place as a normal convention would, spanning a few days or a weekend.

we’d have like tv show marathons or anime marathons, film screenings, photo shoots with whatever guests we get (if any), cosplay competitions etc



Anonymous whispered: Do you sleep naked?

Me and Kaoru both do during summer. Neither of us can be bothered to pretend we care - we’re always going to know what the other looks like, riiight? Besides, we don’t spend that much time pressed against each other when it’s hot, so we don’t lose too much sleep because of it.

Anonymous whispered: Um, hi! You're like, totally perfect.

You think so? I guess I am pretty perfect, but what makes you say so? Is it just because I have a twinnn?

Anonymous whispered: Turns ons and turn offs?

I don’t really have that many turn ons, I just like a good body like any other guy. I suppose what turns me on is girls who just act normal and not
1 - Coy, annoying, waiting for me to chase them all the time (they’re only good for a one-night-stand).
2 - Overly friendly, like touching my hair and my body, it’s pretty violating.
3 - Girls who try too hard to be normal.

I guess I’m kinda picky, but there’s just ther right type of girl I’d like for the bedroom, and a girl I’d like for dating. I have a thing for lace and girls who smoke though.

I hate the normal kind of girl you get at Ouran; they’re way too clean and used to depending on daddy to be any fun for me. I’d like my girl to have some bite.